A multi-disciplinary creative, driven by thrilling eureka moments, empathy, and filling the world with delightful experiences and design solutions. 

Born in Brooklyn, I grew up in a melting pot brimming with art, music, and culture. While attending LaGuardia Arts High School I began working in the design industry with Joe Ginsberg, a luxury interior design firm near 42nd street; where I applied gold leaf to furniture and designed for high end clients like the Rockefellers. Academically I would go on to study fine art through Brown University in Pont-Aven France, and complete my Master's of Engineering at Lehigh University. Throughout my career I have worked creatively and analytically with companies such as Naja - Lingerie for Hope, Anthropologie, Reboot Safety, and LinkedIn.

In 2015 my passion for critical thinking and creativity led me to launch a solo fashion product on Kickstarter called The Playsuit. During the campaign I raised over $30k from over 400 backers. I built several prototypes and interviewed 300+ women to develop The Playsuit - a jumpsuit built for fun with novel utilitarian features (catering to women's specific needs). My work has gone on to be featured in W Magazine, The SF Chronicle (cover), The Huffington Post, Inc.com, Mic.com,  XO Jane, Quirky Brown Love, Next Shark, etc.

That's me in a nutshell!

Feel free to connect with me via the forum or email address below. I currently reside in San Francisco and would love to hear from you.

P. 347.443.4289

L: www.linkedin.com/kimberleealston

E: kimberleealston@gmail.com